5 days ago

Be A Smart Food Shopper

Teaching dogs good manners is key in having a well-rounded dog. No one wants to come to a house where the dogs rule over their pet-parents. There is nothing like having someone over and they take their shoes off at the door to then later see your read more...

1 week ago

Save Some Time When Making Crockpot Beef Stew

There are bonuses here you won't find at other buffets: A cooking studio for foodies who like to watch; (everyone else can watch the exclusive showing on overhead video screens); a rotisserie for chicken roasted over an open flame; an artisan brea read more...

2 weeks ago

Lentil Coconut Curry Soup With Chicken

Energy savings can be done in many ways: by switching out incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent lights (CFL), by hanging clothes to dry rather than using the dryer, and by installing a programmable thermostat, but the actual savings of each o read more...

2 weeks ago

Campbell's Chunky Beef And Dumplings With Hearty Vegetables - Product Review

Christmas is almost upon us and I managed to taste and review another wine before taking a bit of time off for the holidays. Portugal is well known for Port. What about wine? The wine reviewed here comes from the Alentejo region of southeastern Po read more...

2 months ago

Top 3 Crock Pot Chicken Recipes

Texas Holdem is a fantastically fun game to play. I love it, irish stew ballymaloe I'm sure you do too. However, it is a lot more fun when you are actually read more...

2 months ago

Easy Weight Loss Strategies - Phase Three Getting Past The First Two Phases

A paleo diet list of foods such as the one to follow will give you some idea of what this diet is all about. It will include foods that were readily available to our paleolithic ancestors. They ate natural foods that did not include all the chemic read more...

2 months ago

Ten Dollar Dinners: Beef Stew, Homemade Bread And Brown Sugar Squares

The last thing most of us want to do at the end of a busy day is figure out a dinner plan. These time-saving tips for busy women (Next